Available in 40lb bags, our New England produced, slow release 4-2-0 +Iron Earthlife Fertilizer uses an advanced rotary drum drying and granulation technology to produce a uniform, granular, free flowing fertilizer. A favorite for gardens, lawns, shrubs, and planters, the nutrients and organic matter in these easy-to-handle granules break down slowly, nurturing your lawn and garden from one year to the next.


Gro-Max is a multi-purpose product made from horticultural grade ingredients including Maine sphagnum peat, earthlife® Premium Compost and earthlife®
Superhumus. This unique formulation creates a high organic, nutrient-balanced planting media designed to optimize soil health, root growth and plant response.
Gro-Max provides the proper particle size, moisture retention and essential nutrients needed to ensure lush green foliage and bright flowers. The best method for
optimizing container growing with Gro-Max is by trialing small quantities in your growing operation, and consult with your Earthlife Representative for recommendations specific to your growing operation.


Nutri-Mulch is a superior mulch for improving any landscape. Manufactured from aged native Maine bark and compost, its dark color and rich
texture are ideal for perennials, ornamentals, and around trees and shrubs. Nutri-Mulch is nutrient stabilized with compost so the bark no longer competes
with plants for nutrients. Unlike conventional mulches, there is no need to remove Nutri-Mulch prior to the next application, simply rake into soil and re-mulch.